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28 Oct 2023
 Verified review
Needed to urgently replace our water boiler and Catering Appliance Superstore had the quickest delivery - having not used them before I was apprehensive buying a high cost item form a place Ive not used before but took the chance and hoped for the best we were not disappointed the item arrived when it said it would and all good so far. Thank you Catering Appliance Superstore we will be using your shop again :-D

Most relevant negative review

18 Oct 2023
 Verified review
0rdered a large quantity of chairs and was promised next day delivery where I was expected to wait between 8am and 6pm - delivery never happened and when I called Customer Services to try and get couriers no I was told I couldn't have it. later I was told they had tried to deliver at 9.15 - my CCTV disproved that as they had never been at all. Then I was told later that the courier company didn't accept incoming calls (really! how do they run their business?) I was then told that delivery would be the next day (Friday) again told I had to wait from 8-6 and no they didn't have any tracking information and again they couldn't give me the couriers number waited till 1pm and got really fed up by this time with unhelpful Customer Services so called again and insisted that she called the supplier to get me a delivery time - she came back 20 mins later to say it hadn't been shipped at all and that it would now be Monday and later sent me an email telling me it would be between 8 and 1pm and would I like to click the link on the email if I was satisfied with the customer service I'd been given - what a joke! Delivery came Monday and on asking the courier who was part of Palletways who pride themselves on their ability to track every pallet shipped (remember I was told they didn't do that) it was established that they had not received the shipment until Monday morning so it was never ever going to have been the next day for the previous Thursday so two complete days wasted waiting on a shipment that was never going to arrive I just felt I was lied to and fobbed off with completely unhelpful customer services and will not be using this company again
Our mission is to enable digital trust. Find out how reviews work at Trusted Shops.

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