The Trusted Shops Trustmark

The sign of secure online shops

With online shopping, you have no personal contact with the vendor and you can’t touch the product or try it. To enable you to make orders without any worries despite this, the Trusted Shops Trustmark shows you which online shop has earned your trust and offers an outstanding service.


What does the Trustmark mean for me?

If an online shop shows the Trusted Shops Trustmark, our Certification experts from Trusted Shops have put the shop through its paces. Let’s show you what that means in practice, and which criteria we use to ensure a shop’s quality.

Identity & accessibility

The name of the retailer is transparently displayed in the shop. It is possible to contact the retailer quickly and easily.

Security & data protection

The shop undertakes to only collect personal data if this is permitted by law or if you have expressly consented. In addition, the shop must ensure complete encryption when transferring data.

Cancellation & returns

The cancellation policy informs you about the applicable conditions to cancel your order in case you change your mind. In particular, you will be informed about how and to whom you may exercise your right of withdrawal & if applicable, where to return the purchased goods. Finally the information about whether or not you would have to bear the costs of returning the goods should be consistent in the shop.

Products & costs

All online shops are checked to ensure that the products offered do not fall under the Trusted Shops Exclusion catalogue. Product prices, shipping costs and other additional costs are indicated transparently.

Order & transparency

The transparency & the functionality of the ordering process is checked starting from the first click to the receipt of the order confirmation.

Service & shopping experience

In addition to the requirements in the online shop, we continuously check the customers service performance and the entire shopping experience using various criteria. For example, the retailer’s average rating must not be below 4.0 stars.

All requirements for awarding the Trustmark can be found in our Trusted Shops Quality Criteria.


Where can I see the Trustmark?

Depending on the design and requirements of an online shop, the trustmark can be displayed in different places: for example at the very top or in the footer at the very bottom – or in a box provided by Trusted Shops, which remains visible in the same place above each page.

Do you want to see secure shops directly in your search results?

Then activate the Trusted Shops browser extension, and you will be able to see which shops carry the trustmark right there in your Google search results.

To the browser extension


Does every shop with reviews also have the Trustmark?

Quality is not simply ensured via the audit: To effectively secure the quality of our member shops, all shops with the Trustmark will also be collecting reviews in the future.

We want you to benefit with every purchase from the renowned Trusted Shops Buyer Protection as well as from our Trusted Review Service.

Trustbadge on desktop

Reviews only

Trustmark and reviews

Trustmark only


Trustbadge on mobile

Reviews only

Trustmark and reviews

Trustmark only


How can I be sure that the trustmark is authentic?

If you are not sure whether the online shop is really certified, just click on the trustmark:

A small box will open showing you the most important information about the shop at a glance. To check the authenticity, click again on the trustmark.

A table with given reviews

Now the shop’s certificate will open in a new window showing the status of the trustmark: It will either be valid or blocked.

Your purchases are only secured with the Trusted Shops guarantee in shops with a valid trustmark.


Check that the URL or Internet address of the certificate begins with “https://www.trustedshops.”.

Also check that the address given on the certificate page matches the address of the shop.

Caution is advised when:

  • The trustmark is not clickable

  • The trustmark is not shown as valid in the certificate

  • A page other than the certificate opens after clicking on the trustmark

  • The certificate is not located on the pages of Trusted Shops (which can be seen by the URL in the browser) but, for example, on the pages of the shop itself

Hi, I'm Clemens!

As a certification expert, I dive into every online shop performing a quality check on the basis of a catalogue of criteria in order to verify whether it is customer friendly and secure and therefore worthy of our Trustmark.