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Authentic experiences from real buyers

In addition to general information about online shops and products, the experiences of other buyers are becoming increasingly important. It is essential that you as a buyer can rely on the authenticity of the reviews.


How do reviews help with online shopping?

Shop descriptions and product descriptions provide important initial information when shopping online. But in order to make a really good purchase decision, more and more buyers are relying on the experiences that other customers have had with the shop and the product: Are the delivery times good, what’s the service like if I have problems, how does the product feel, does it really work as advertised?

Find the answers in the shop reviews and product reviews:

Shop reviews within a mobile view

In the shop reviews, you can see how good the quality of the service, the delivery, and the actual products really are.

The total number of reviews and the review score play an important role, but it is also worth taking a look at negative reviews to see how the retailer reacts in case of problems.

Product reviews seen through a mobile view

Product reviews help you to get a better idea of the product, even without holding the product in your hand.

This makes it easier for you to find exactly the right product that fits your wishes and requirements.


Why can I rely on reviews at Trusted Shops?

It’s simple: reviews at Trusted Shops are genuine – from real customers who have actually shopped at the online shop. Unfortunately, this cannot be taken for granted. This is how the experts at Trusted Shops ensure that you can trust the reviews:

Order reference

The first step to real reviews? Strict entry criteria. This is why Trusted Shops only allows reviews into the system which are accompanied by a unique order reference. This means: no order, no review! So you can be sure that you are only reading reviews from people who really bought this product in this shop.

Intelligent scan

In the second step, each review passes through a complex algorithm and must withstand the constantly growing artificial intelligence of the specially developed Review Scanner. Suspicious reviews and inappropriate content and language are immediately reported to the review team.

Review Team

If anomalies occur, the experts from our review team are immediately available to check the review in individual cases and decide how to proceed. For you this means that: A possibly fake review or a review with offensive content will not even be displayed to you.

Zero tolerance

Trusted Shops stands for trustworthy shops. This also applies to the review system. To this end, Trusted Shops pursues a zero-tolerance strategy in which fewer reviews are displayed, but only carefully checked and authentic reviews. This is the only way that reviews provide reliable guidance when shopping online.


Where can I find reviews?

Each shop can decide for itself how and where reviews are displayed. Ideally, the stars are already visible in the Google search results and are displayed on every page in the online shop. For a first assessment, it is enough to look at the stars and the associated grade, for more detailed information you can read each review in detail.

Reviews can be found with clicking on the trustbadge.

Read testimonials from other buyers

So that you always get to the testimonials quickly, Trusted Shops has a specially developed display that keeps the reviews accessible on every page for you with just one click. If you click on this display, a larger window with more information will open.

A table with given reviews

All information in the review profile

If you click on the star ratings in this window, the review profile opens with all the reviews for the online shop.


How do I submit a review?

You can only submit a review for a shop (or product) if you have ordered in this shop. You will receive an invitation by e-mail after the order, but you can also submit your review in your customer account.

Submit a review via e-mail

Shortly after your order you will receive an e-mail which will direct you to the review form.

There you can rate the respective online shop in ”delivery“, ”goods“or ”customer service“ with 1 to 5 stars and describe in your own words how you enjoyed shopping in the respective online shop.

How to give a review after a purchase

Submit a review in your customer account

As a user of the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection you can also simply log in and click on “Review now” for the orders displayed. This will also take you to the review form.

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