The Trusted Shops Buyer Protection

Comprehensive protection for your online purchases


Has your order arrived damaged, or not arrived at all? Have you returned an order but not received a refund? No need to worry! With the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection, your purchases are secured – no matter which payment method you have chosen.


What is the Buyer Protection for?

The experts at Trusted Shops do everything possible to ensure that every purchase in any shop with the Trusted Shops Trustmark is secure and offers an enjoyable shopping experience. But if problems or disagreements arise, you can always rely on the fact that your money is safe with the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection.

Trusted Shops Buyer Protection

free of charge

  • Secured up to ₤ 2,500 per purchase

  • Security regardless of the payment method used

  • An overview of all your orders

  • Personal and competent support

  • Over 30,000 certified shops to choose from

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When does the Buyer Protection benefit me?

The Buyer Protection offers comprehensive protection for your online orders at certified shops. It protects you as a buyer from financial loss. In the following situations, you can rely on the Buyer Protection, no ifs or buts:

Your order hasn’t arrived

The parcel was lost in transit, was supposedly dropped off at a neighbour’s or simply left somewhere without permission.

Your refund has not been made

You have cancelled and returned your order, but the refund from the shop has not been made.

The online shop is insolvent

After your order, the online shop has filed for insolvency or is no longer accessible for other reasons and you have not received the goods or a refund.

Service not received

You have not received the ordered service.

Invalid voucher

You have ordered a gift voucher, but it does not work.

Problems with digital content

Digital content such as e-books or software licenses have not been sent to you or are not valid.

Cancelled package tour

The package tour was cancelled by the organiser and not reimbursed.

Insurance invalid

You have taken out insurance but cannot use it.

Services not provided

Your contract, such as with an electricity provider, has begun, but the service is not being provided.

Detailed information can be found in the Buyer Protection conditions.


How do I use the guarantee?

Here’s how easy it is to be secure in every purchase with the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection:

Complete immediately after your purchase

After each order you can decide wether you want to secure your purchase up to ₤2,500 free of charge. Hereby it’s not necessary to be already registered with Trusted Shops.

The Buyer Protection ensures safe online shopping.

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