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4 Aug 2023
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I bought 3 items, the teelight arch, a Santa with a penguin on a toboggan and another Santa with a small reindeer. I've collected all things penguin since I was child, the idea being I wanted to put together a tableau with penguins and a reindeer, a tree plus a snowman. If I have one observation, it is not a criticism, - the arch itself would be better if it was twice the size so more figures could be arranged on it. I intend to give the extra Santa as a Christmas gift to a friend. Everything was beautifully packaged and arrived from Germany to the UK within 5 days. The quality of the pieces is excellent, the service and packaging was likewise. Although, I speak no German I was able to order via the website as there was the option to view the website in English. I would highly recommend both the ease of use of the website and the goods themselves. As I said as the arch was smaller than I'd hoped and I have no hesitation in ordering more products from the site I intend to order another arch and more figures and I will put them on either side of my mantlepiece.

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24 Nov 2023
 Verified review
My Santa arrived broken snd it became my job to fix it so i can give it for a gift. Not to excited about that as i now know it can fall apart again. $12 is nothing or 15% off the next order (really ??) and it good for your site. Now i also know that everything being shipped becomes my responsibility to fix it if needed. Wow. It was packed very well which points to the issue before that Really sad as I love your entire line
Our mission is to enable digital trust. Find out how reviews work at Trusted Shops.

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