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Erzgebirge-Palace - Authentic German Christmas Ornaments

Authentic German Christmas Ornaments. At the Erzgebirge-Palace you will find Nutcrackers, Christmas Pyramids, Wodden Christmas Arches, Angel Figurines, Incense Smokers & Music Boxes. All items are Made in Germany
Hauptstr. 17-19/Geb. 6305
55120 Mainz
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Amtsgericht Mainz HRB 42165
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Marc Wiedmaier

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22 days ago
The delivery was a bit late due to Corona (I think), so I understand that. The hand of the skier was broken (we glued it ourselves).
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1 month ago
Received my smoker with the head detached, looks like the glue didn't cure properly. I would send back but it's a Christmas gift and don't have time. Very disheartening, I'm glad I checked before wrapping it and have time to fix.
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1 month ago
Rated item only 2 stars because, while it was beautiful and exactly as described and pictured, the feet were broken off when I opened the box because of poor design and the vast majority of the weight was distributed on that section. I was able to easily repair with glue so did not return the item. I purchased another smoker before which was fine so believe this is a problem with only this item.
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5 months ago
One of the products has in my opinion has a design problem,one of the arms is prone to become detached when it is packed in the box.All the other items in my order where fine.
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9 months ago
Buying was perfect. Delivery was fast. Everything was great apart from the fact that regardless of what size candles I used it just would not work. Now I am sure that there is a reasonable answer to why this is, but I am dammed if I can find it.
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1 year ago
Product was damaged upon arrival
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