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I had an issue with my boiler, an engineer was sent out, who did pretty much nothing and went away. The problem persisted. Now I am being asked me to pay again for the same issue. Horrible customer service, terrible service, no work ethics, and generally a really really really bad organisation to EVER have to deal with.
Very Poor replies: 21/11/2016
Hi, Thank you for leaving a review and sharing your feedback as it is so important to us. We've looked into your account and we're sorry you feel this way. Please feel free to contact the complaints team at Thanks

Excellent Service.
Excellent replies: 24/10/2016
Hi, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and leave us a 5 star review. It's great to hear that you were impressed with our service. Please don't hesitate to contact us in the future should you need our assistance. Thank you

1.The engineer made the gas certificate in wrong name,helpline said they would contact him, no result.
2.Broken down boiler, and the plumber who came even said so, but they kept making excuses,e.g.'these were maintenance issues' or 2 plumbers are required (1 came, as reasons for us paying labour/parts for a plumber to come Usless cover.
3.Nobody picks up 24/7 line in AM. Waited 45m.Staff rude

The engineer was punctual, polite, professional, and solved the problem. His repair to the tumble dryer was was followed by a detailed resume of what had happened and what to look out for in the future and he discussed preventative measures.
He was also smart and well turned out.
Excellent replies: 12/10/2016
Hi Paul, thanks for leaving us a 5 star review. I'm glad that you were satisfied with your experience with us and will make sure that your comments are passed on to the engineer. Thank you

The work was carried out as quickly as possible and the engineer was reliable and informative.
Excellent replies: 12/10/2016
Hi Paul, thanks for leaving a great review. We're delighted to know that you were happy with the service. Have a great day.

In comparison with previous British Gas services, the service was three-star (fair). I added the fourth star for the efficiency of the telephone booking of the service.
Good replies: 10/10/2016
Hi Edwin, Thank you for leaving us a review. While we are delighted to know you found our service to be efficient, we will relay your feedback to the relevant department so we can streamline and improve the quality of our service. Your feedback is much appreciated. Have a nice day.

I was very satisfied. The gas engineer called at the correct time , and proceeded to undertake the boiler service and gas safety certificate very efficiently.
I would recommend this service and the engineer.
Excellent replies: 10/10/2016
Hi Linda, Thank you so much for leaving us such wonderful feedback and a 5 Star review. We will pass on your feedback to the engineer. I am sure he will be delighted.

Very rarely had some value at all from the membees hip with 24/7.
Waiting long to get connected,staff quite incompetent,never able to resolve anything,vey apologetic.
I do not bother to even ring anyone as it is a frustrating experience.Will cancel immediately as soon as my 1 year contract is over.
Very Poor replies: 10/10/2016
Dear Customer, I can see you got in touch with us on 05/08/2016 to carry out a CP12. We carried the CP12 on 10/08/2016. If you have a query or a complaint, kindly call us on 01254355535 so we can assist you further.

Failed to meet contract in first year despite many contacts. When I tried to cancel the contract they wished to charge me £120 as they had automatically renewed. Failed to make promised refund on gas fire service. I am waiting till I can safely cancel my contract. On the positive, the tradesmen used for servicing boiler and fire (eventually) were very good indeed.
Very Poor replies: 10/10/2016
Hi Angela, The gas fire service was not part of the contract but we carried it out as a gesture of good will. If a service has been performed, you will need to stay with the contract for a min of 12 months from the commencement date of the contract.

Nothing seems straight forward. I have had to call several times to arrange the free gas safety and then again to ensure a service is carried out at same time. And then again, to get a copy of the gas safety certificate.

I am actually contemplating cancelling the service altogether.
Very Poor replies: 10/10/2016
Hi Umesh, You signed up with us in June 2016 and your service was not due till Feb 2017. We complied with your request and performed a boiler service and gas safety inspection togerther in Sep 2016. Should you want to discuss the matter further, please feel free to contact us on 0125435535(option 2) and we will be happy to assist.

good customer service, easy to sign up, no fuss.
Excellent replies: 10/10/2016
Hi Vincent, Thank you for leaving us a 5 Star review. We strive to offer our customers the best service possible and are delighted to know you you found the customer service to be good and our sign up process easy. Thank you for your feedback.

The first thing engineer did when he arrived was to ask who 'd booked the service through and then proceeded to moan them. I could certainly do without a ranting angry scotsman in my house making me feel uncomfortable.
I've not had any report by post or email to say that he boiler has actually been serviced, so I wont be using them again.
Poor replies: 10/10/2016
Hi Mark, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I have forwarded your feedback to our servicing department and will get back to you once I have conducted my investigation. You signed up with us on 03/08/2016 and I can confirm we completed the service on 02/09/2016. I will get the service certificate emailed over to you today.

Helpful and informative
Excellent replies: 10/10/2016
Hi Bridget, Thank you for sharing your feedback and leaving us a 5 Star review. We delighted to know you found the engineer to be helpful and informative. We will pass on your feedback to the engineer. I am sure he will be thrilled.

Exceptional 5 Star
Landlord with over 50 properties, all CP12's completed on time. Great feedback from the tenants. Hassle free service whilst being away
Definitely recommend to all.
Excellent replies: 07/10/2016
Hi Mohammed, what a great feedback. Thank you for leaving five star review.

Dealing with a claim, customer services did not look into terms of contract first, and they asked us if we could fix it ourselves. Constantly on hold and the line 'died' a few times, to which they implied when we asked that we put the phone down ourselves.
Very Poor replies: 07/09/2016
We will call you now. In order to understand the nature of the problem our advisers are trained to run through a series of fault diagnostics. This will determine the cause of the issue before we deploy an engineer. We want to priortise all emergencies and ensure the time spent by our engineers is for emergencies only and not for things that could have been rectified by the householder

The hotpoint engineer was very good and replaced all the broken parts on my washing machine with new so now it is fully fixed and working like new again. I had to wait a week for the repair man to come and then he needed a new drum for the machine which he didn't have with him. This part was ordered and it was then fixed a week later. So very pleased except for the long wait.
Good replies: 10/08/2016
Hi, thanks so much for your feedback. We're pleased that you were satisfied with your engineer's service, and will take a look into your case to see what steps we can take to improve our wait times - I assure you that this is important to us

Excellent well satisfied
Excellent replies: 19/07/2016
What great feedback We're delighted that you were happy with the service. Don't hesitate to get back in touch should you need us again.

I called advisor for emergency call, water leakage inside the bathroom. Tenant explained the situation and advisor denied to arranged engineer explaining, it is maintenance issue. But later when i called to understand the situation , advisor was more focused to charge me £75 deposit even i have no access charges. its been 2 weeks still waiting for engineer to fix the issue, its still dripping.
Very Poor replies: 27/06/2016
Dear Mr Bhardwaj Our records show an engineer attended the property and fixed the leak on 24/06/2016. We were told the problem was a leak to the overflow pipe outside the property. We advised this was not covered as its not an emergency. We were then told the bathroom gets flooded when used. This is something that is not covered as well which is why the £75 charge was taken.

I would never buy any service from them. After I purchased the cover they done boiler service before they wanted to start the cover. And then they denied the cover saying boiler has pre existing problem (though boiler was running fine. Their was only slight leakage problem which was being managed by topping up water periodically). Request to refund premium was denied and I have lost money to them
Very Poor replies: 27/06/2016
Dear Mr Chopra, You signed up with us on 18/04/2016 and boiler was serviced on 25/04/2016. You were in your 14 day cooling off period which is why it was termed as an existing fault. We advised you on 25/06/2016 we will process the refund for the money you paid for the repair but have not heard from you. Kindly call our customer services team on 01254355535 to advise us how you want to proceed.

They have a very strange view of what is a faulty boiler
If the boiler is providing some heat & hot water, then it is not faulty.
I have repeatedly asked them to point out the 'small print' in the contract, but they can not and I have waited, with numerous follow-up calls, over 8 business days for a manager to call and explain, who is always going to call that day AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
Very Poor replies: 15/06/2016
Dear Mr Hulston. I can see you have spoken to a Manager and a senior team leader. You were advised your issue does not constitute a breakdown and comes under general maintenance which is not covered under the contract. No further action was taken because you cancelled your contract without giving us a 30 days notice. We would like to thank you for your feedback. Have a great day. customer reviews

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