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validwith Buyer Protection is the supplier for outdoor sports such as climbing, ice climbing, hiking, bouldering or yoga: clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, climbing harnesses, ropes, crash pads, ice picks, snowshoes, gas cookers and much more.

Dodo Towers - home of the Dodo Pad

Dodo Towers - home of the Dodo Pad
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Dodo Pad. The infamous Dodo Pad desk diary has been 'indodispensable' for more than 50 years. Offering low-tech solutions to high-tech lifestyles. Whether it's a mid-year academic or calendar year family diary; a wall pad calendar, organiser, journal, planner or any humorous, quirky gift stationery you're after, there's a Dodo Pad diary or organiser from Lord Dodo for every occasion... or soon will be! Peer inside the Dodo Pad cyberstore to discover more...