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Top positive review

28 Oct 2023
 Verified review
"Futureshop.co.uk" isn't just another online store; it's a fantastic place to find audiophile-grade hifi accessories and more. What I think truly sets "Futureshop.co.uk" apart is the exceptional staff. I've spoken separately with Mark and Geoff. They're not just friendly and honest; they're experts who genuinely care about helping you find the right products for your setup. No scripted responses or pushy sales tactics; it's a refreshing change to have knowledgeable folks who love what they do. The standout here, for me (in terms of products I'VE tried), without a doubt, are the yellow QSA fuses (pictured - aligned in the CORRECT direction). Over a month, I picked up four of these little wonders, and they've taken my hifi setup to a whole new level. The improvement in sound quality is nothing short of magical – I'm tapping my toes and grooving to the music like never before. Well, as much as a 50 year old can, "groove". The audioquest ethernet cable I got here is also a winner. With advice from Mark, I coupled this with a QSA (alright, alright, alright, yes I know, I'm a fan) yellow LAN jitter ethernet adaptor. It's like my internet connection got an upgrade – perfect for streaming high-quality music hassle-free. So, if you're in the market for all things, hifi and want a reliable source with products that truly deliver, give "Futureshop.co.uk" a try. You won't be disappointed by the products or the people behind them.

Top negative review

9 Jun 2023
 Verified review
Listing for the Tellurium Q Ultra Black interconnects showed that they dispatch within 24 hours. After placing order I was told that they are a special order and would be sent between 7-10 days. This should have been shown on the listing. Have purchased from Future Shop (usually Ultra Black Tellurium Q cable which was always in stock) in the past and found them to be reliable but felt let down on this occasion.
Robert H.
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10 May 2023
 Verified review
i had bought a AudioQuest Forest USB 2.0 Type C to Lightning Cable year before and cable was bend and became malfunction after a while. As the cable was under lifetime warranty i send email to request for an assistance or replacement but no reply from your side.
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Answer by FutureShop.co.uk
10 May 2023
Dear Peter, Thank you so much for taking the trouble to contact us via Trusted Shops, We were very sorry to hear that you had a problem with your cable. Let's put it right for you straight away. We are going to give you all the help you need to sort out the issue you have with your cable. You are correct the cable has a lifetime warranty. We have also sent you more detailed information and help to your private email address, With kindest regards, FutureShop.
3 May 2023
 Verified review
Proved difficult to obtain a refund. Took several emails and took a few weeks to get money back. Also they take £5
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Answer by FutureShop.co.uk
9 May 2023
Dear Martin, I wanted to thank you for the time you spent giving us some feedback via Trusted Shops on your experience with returning your order to us. I am so sorry that your experience was not as positive as it could have been, We do have a 60-day returns policy that allows our customers to be fully sure that the product is right for them. I know that you interacted with the team here who agreed to take the product back. I have sent you a more detailed response to your private email address and hope that we can work with you again in the future, If you need any further assistance in the future, please contact me personally, With kindest regards, enjoy your music, Mark
2 Feb 2023
 Verified review
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