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7 months ago
We needed a new office chair, TRHayes were the only shop locally that has a good selection, set up in a designated area, with plenty of choice, at various prices. Alan D, the salesman, gave us all the information and help that we needed. He made the purchase experience enjoyable! He arranged the delivery, which for our area was free of charge - a bonus. The store contacted us the day before delivery, giving us the 2 hour time slot for delivery. This was very helpful. Delivery was done the next day by Nate and Max. They assembled the chair, and put it in the study & explained how to work it. They were proficient, courteous and disposed of all packing materials. 10/10 The downside - we noticed that on one side of the chair back the stitching had caused some puckering of the leather. Overnight, in a warm room, there was no change. I photographed the chair, and went into the store. I explained to another salesman the issue, showed him the photo. He said it would be possible to exchange the chair & he would discuss it with Alan when he was back the following day. This was all arranged, and we were given a date & time slot for delivery. Steve, the delivery driver, came today. He had brought 2 identical chairs, so we could choose which one we wanted. He assembled the chair for us & explained how it worked & did a demonstration. He was extremely helpful and took the original purchase back to the store, together with all the packaging. A very good service from Hayes. We have used them before and had good service & will do so again. Although there was a bit of a problem with the chair, it was quickly rectified with no quibble. Well done to all. Thank you.
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2 months ago
On 30 September 2021 I ordered a sofa bed. It finally arrived on 5 April 2022 and was the wrong size. I couldn’t believe that TR Hayes didn’t check that the item was correct when it arrived into your warehouse. It was therefore delivered and I immediately spotted it was too small, too small in fact by two sizes. I am sick and tired of hearing about European problems etc, etc, I appreciate there have been worldwide issues, but a lack of communication is not acceptable on the part of TR Hayes. I do not feel like a valued customer at all. I have had zero communication from TR Hayes. I have called several times to ask when my correct sofa bed is to be delivered and I’m told middle of June, which we’re now at. I bought another sofa the other week at your pop up store in the Southgate shopping area and enquired then if there was any news about the sofa. I have paid £1,329 for this sofa bed and I’m massively unimpressed by your total lack of customer service. It really isn’t up to me as the client to be ringing the store to be asking for an update on my order. I have heard nothing at any point from Bruce the sales man. He’s obviously thrilled he got his commission and doesn’t give a damn. I’ve bought quite a bit of stuff from TR Hayes and this really isn’t good enough. I have been the person doing all the chasing. I’ve been ringing and emailing TR Hayes. In fact I emailed a complaint yesterday and asked for the name of the Managing Director. Heard nothing back from them at all.
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4 months ago
We ordered two settees. The delivery men turned up at the time stated. BUT on one of the feet the wood was cracked. The delivery men were excellent, they took photos and said they would report it back and someone would come out and fix it. Nearly 4 weeks later we had heard nothing. I phoned and there was no record of the damage (but I learnt later on that the delivery man had reported it) I was asked to take photos and send them. I was then told a new foot would be ordered and would be contacted about fixing it. We got the call and the date offered was OK , I was told we would get a call the day before to let us know whether the men would be here morning or afternoon. No call came. So this morning at 9.15 I phoned and said I needed to know a rough time. The receptionist could not get an answer from the extension so she took my number and said someone would get back to me. No one did. An hour later I phoned again and a man said he would get back to me which he duly did letting me know that the men would be with me before 1 p.m. The men did turn up and were really helpful, even though the part they had wasnt quite the correct one !, they adapted so that it was all fixed. Interesting that when they asked me to sign the sheet they had a 2 hour time slot written on their sheet- what a shame someone couldnt have given me a call (as promised) to let us know !! Even first thing this morning no one could be bothered to call me back after the first enquiry.
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