How to collect customer reviews

With Trusted Shops there are various ways in which you can collect reviews. We recommend you combine our products to achieve the best results.

Get started with the review collector

The Review Collector is especially designed to collect many new shop and product reviews in just a few minutes and without technical effort.

How does it work?

Log in to your personal My Trusted Shops account. You will find the Review Collector at “Reviews > Shop reviews > Review Collector”.

New reviews in four steps:

1. Insert your order data into an Excel file. Order number, e-mail address and order date are the only mandatory fields. All further information, including the customer’s name and surname, is optional. If you also want to collect product reviews, the product identification number (SKU) and the product name are also mandatory.
2. Now link the order data by matching the names of the columns in your Excel file with those provided by Trusted Shops. An example: If a column is named “Order ID” in your file, select “Order number”. This way, you will make sure that the Trusted Shops system categorises your data correctly.
Collect customer reviews with the review collector
3. Check the recipient list. Here, you can also see the date you wish to send out your review request e-mails. You can configure it individually for every e-mail address in the Excel file. By clicking on the magnifying glass, you will see a preview of the e-mail template that your customers will see.

4. Finally, send the review requests by clicking on the corresponding button. The e-mails are sent to customers according to the date you have set.

Done! All you have to do now is wait for new reviews.

From a legal perspective, sending a review email should be seen as advertisement. This means that you also require the express consent of the recipient.

Collect reviews constantly with the Trustbadge®

Transform orders into reviews for your online shop and products. Once integrated into your website, the Trustbadge® is the perfect solution to constantly collect reviews.

After a customer has concluded their order, the Trustcard will appear offering them the chance to register for a review e-mail.

Click here to go to learn how you can integrate the Trustbadge® and product reviews.

A review button in your own e-mails

Would you like to create your review e-mails yourself and have them match the design of your company’s website? Creating your own review e-mails is more time-consuming than collecting reviews with the Trustbadge® or Review Collector,  but, thanks to the review button, it still is a good option for you. 

First create a Base64 and URL-encoded review link into which you enter your TS ID, the order number and the customer’s e-mail address. Then place the graphic for the click area over it, and the review button is ready for use. Since you have already communicated the order details, all that your customers need to do in the review form is to click on the amount of stars they want to award you and add text.

Find all you need to know about integration here.