The Trustbadge technology

Trust at first glance!

What is the Trustbadge®?

The Trustbadge® enables your customers to be offered all of the services in one place. It is always visible to your visitors and displays your trustmark, your overall score and your star ratings. Using this technology, you also offer the Trusted Shops guarantee and automatically collect reviews.
The Trustbadge® works with any web browser and on all devices. Your customers do not require any additional software. You can integrate the Trustbadge® yourself in a matter of minutes.
Standard Trustbadge

The Trustcard

If you click the Trustbadge®, the Trustcard opens up. Your certificate and your reviews are displayed so there are no further hesitations for your customers regarding the authenticity of the seal or the stars. But that’s not all the Trustcard can do! Once a purchase is made, it offers your customers the Trusted Shops guarantee and automatically asks about giving a review. You’ll see that all of the trust elements are in one place,which has a positive effect on your conversion rate! 

The benefits

  • Perfectly adaptable - You have many possibilities to configure the Trustbadge® to suit you.
  • Integration guides for many shop systems - If you use one of the following shop software providers, the integration is even faster and simpler.
  • Available in 7 languages - Ideally suited for all those who provide their services throughout Europe.

The outcome

  • Higher conversion rate - The Trustmark and score are distinctly visible on all shop pages and boost trust.
  • Fewer abandoned purchases - Thanks to the certificate, reviews and guarantee, your customers are completely protected and reassured by previous customers.
  • Bigger shopping baskets - More trust and more security encourage your customers to order more.

How does it work on mobile devices?

If your shop has a responsive design the Trustbadge® will adapt, depending on the device the customer uses. It  moves to the top of the screen and does not overlie any of the site elements. The rate later card is shown at the top.

Works hand in hand with your own app!

Have you built a mobile app for your company? That’s great! Trusted Shops will work perfectly with that, too. Please contact us if you want to know more about how the Trustbadge can support iOS as well as Android.