Customer review management in your pocket

My Trusted Shops Mobile App

My Trusted Shops Mobile App

The My Trusted Shops Mobile App makes review management much faster and easier for you. Read, keep an eye on and reply to your reviews whilst on the go.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, stay in control of your online reputation. The app is easy to use and its features are similar to your email management apps (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

Monitor your online reputation

Know what your customers are saying about your customer service with constant updates to your phone. Keep an eye on your average rating,  the number of reviews collected and get a detailed view for every rating. More analytics and benchmarking features are currently being developed and will be launched in the coming releases.

Receive notifications

Take care of your customers and don´t miss a single review! As a common feature in mobile apps, you can also ask for push-notifications for new incoming reviews.

Let the customers know you care

React to customer feedback any time, anywhere –whether it is to thank someone for a 5-star rating or to leave a comment on a review.

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Don’t let your reviews get out of control: Manage your reviews whilst on the go by using our Mobile App.

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Features and Release Notes

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Android Version

12/11/2015 Android Version 2.1:

  • Review Report

16/06/2015 Android Version 2:

  • Sign in with your My Trusted Shops Login data and manage all your shops at once

17/03/2015 Android Version 1.5:

  • New Screen „Review Analytics“ shows charts in the course of time
    Chart with overall rating
    Chart with „Service“ mark
    Chart with „Delivery“ mark
    Chart with „Goods“ mark
    Chart with the number of reviews per month
  • Shop-Search now with local shops

27/02/2015 Android version 1.3

  • Shoplist now displays rating count and average rating data for each shop
  • Pull-to-update the shoplist data

03/02/2015 Android version 1.2

  • New Settings area with Google Analytics Opt-Out
  • New Languages - Danish and Swedish

04/12/2014 Android version 1.1: 

  • Reviews can now be filtered by category
  • Shopname is fetched at login
  • Small bugfixes and Tablet Layout changes

06/11/2014 Android Version 1.0:

  • Infinite Scroll for shops with login
  • Comments with reply marked with an icon
  • Web Views for different pages / Imprint etc.
  • Pages in Tablet layout

02/11/2014 Android Version 0.7:

  • Shop search integrated
  • Shop Search correct Keyboard layout and submit action in the keyboard

25/10/2014 Android Version 0.6:

  • Shop statement support
  • Tablet Layout Support
  • Show Demo button added
  • Trusted Shops Logos

21/10/2014 Android version 0.5:

  • Edit / delete shop support
  • Small ui changes

18/10/2014 Android version 0.3:

  • Restricted API Support added

iOS Version

16/10/2015 iOS version 3.2:

  •     language support for Dutch and Italian
  •     enhanced account management
  •     some UI optimizations

14/08/2015 iOS version 3.1:

  •     enhanced support of iPhone 6
  •     some smaller UI optimizations

15/06/2015 iOS version 3.0:

  • Fully revised login scheme:
    Sign in with your MY TRUSTED SHOPS login data to see all your shops at once
  • Multi-account support
  • Redesign of all screens
  • Optimized review analytics charts
  • 1Password password manager integrated
  • iPhone 6 support

23/04/2015 iOS version 2.2.1:

  • Shoplist: Shops configured with a login are marked with a padlock symbol
  • smaller bugfixes

17/03/2015 iOS version 2.2:

  • Optimized Shoplist
    with number of reviews and review mark
    „Pull to refresh“ function
  • New Screen „Review Analytics“ shows charts in the course of time
    Chart with overall rating
    Chart with „Service“ mark
    Chart with „Delivery“ mark
    Chart with „Goods“ mark
    Chart with the number of reviews per month
  • Shop-Search now with local shops

29/12/2014 iOS version 2.1:

  • Displays all reviews of the last 12 months
  • Shows number of reviews per time period
  • Redesign of shop dashboard

14/11/2014 iOS version 2.0:

  • Shop search feature: Enter the URL of the shop and take a look at other Trusted Shops members
  • New app icon due to new company logo
  • Now available in Spanish and Polish

09/10/2014 iOS version 1.2:

  • Notification function for new ratings
  • Reply to reviews – the comment is published on the review profile
  • All of the shop’s comments are displayed beneath the review

12/08/2014 iOS version 1.1:

  • Multi-shop feature: Reviews can be managed for numerous online shops within the app
  • Three languages: the app is now available in German, English and French – depending on the iOS language settings
  • Simplified login screen: users can login using the Trusted Shops API login details to view more details about the ratings
  • Improved usability: the app enables retailers to add a new shop more easily
  • Paging navigation: users can now navigate through the individual reviews at ease
07/07/2014 iOS version 1.0.1:
  • App is compatible for not only online-shops but “service” providing customers as well

12/06/2014 iOS version 1.0:

  • Dashboard displaying your current rating (number of reviews, rating, customer review)
  • Function to filter reviews (today, yesterday, current month, last month)
  • Show review details (rating categories, order number, customer reviews)