Trusted Shops Analytics

Enrich your customer knowledge

Are you already collecting customer ratings? Are you using them to improve your visibility in the Google search results and to reassure your visitors? You can go even further by analysing the feedback from your customers to better respond to their expectations. Nothing could be easier thanks to Trusted Shops Analytics.

Your customers talk to you – listen to them.

To respond to your customers’ expectations, earn their loyalty and improve your sales, you have to listen to them and incorporate their feedback into your strategy.  All the information that you need for better sales can be found in your customers’ reviews! Trusted Shops Analytics allows you to analyse the content of your customer reviews quickly and easily.

Review Analytics provides you with the following information, in the form of a graph:

  • The development of your global customer rating
  • The development of your rating for the criteria delivery, merchandise and customer service
  • The development of the share of positive and negative ratings over time
  • The words and expressions most used in your negative and positive ratings
Trusted Shops Quality indicators

Your customers speak with one voice.

We provide you with an API so that you can manage your data in a centralised manner. You can thus use your own analysis tools or enrich the results of your Trusted Shops Analytics with your own data.

You are not the only one in your market, but maybe the best.

Would you like to find out your positioning with regard to your competitors? Thanks to our benchmarking tool, compare your results with the average values observed in your sector or market. This gives you an idea of the areas in which you possess a competitive advantage and those where you can improve.

Benchmarking Trusted Shops Analytics

Tools at your disposal.

The use of Trusted Shops Analytics is a functionality reserved for Trusted Shops members.

If you are a Trusted Shops member, Trusted Shops Analytics is accessible in your My Trusted Shops area. Connect now to access your analyses.

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