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Features for better Customer Reviews

Trustbadge® with reviews

Integrate your Trustbadge® within minutes. Show your seller rating and stars to new and existing customers when they visit your shop. You can also configure this to complement the design of your website. Learn more

Trustbadge with customer reviews

Product Reviews

Collect and show Product Reviews right away with Trustbadge technology. Product reviews help customers to make better purchase decisions before clicking and thus bring more relevant traffic to retailers. Learn more

Review collector

Upload orders from previous customers and receive reviews within hours. Our easy-to-use software means no integration is required; all you need to do is upload an Excel sheet with your customer´s name, order number and email address. Simple. Learn more

Review Collector

Collect automatically

Integrate our Rate Now or Rate Later button into your existing emails and collect reviews automatically.

Invite templates and timing

You decide when your review requests are sent. Upload your customers’ details, select when you would like them to be sent a review request, and we will email them. Your customers can even select to Rate Later, just in case they are busy at that time. Choose between different email templates, customised with your shop logo.

Social proof

Genuine reviews from real people. Online shoppers can enter some personal data to give their reviews a social proof. Customers will trust you even more.

Stars in Google

Automatically transmit your seller ratings to Google and show your stars in your AdWords campaigns, Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads. Click here to find out more.

Google stars for customer reviews

Traffic package

Turn visitors into new customers and new customers into repeat customers by making them the right offer at the right moment. The traffic package enables you to steer different target-oriented campaigns. Attract more costumers to your shop thanks to the extended shop profile. Keep them on your site with the exit-intent pop-up and encourage customers having reviewed their purchase to buy again from your site. Click here to find out more.

Rich snippets

Rich snippets allow you to show your stars in the organic search engine results on Google. Integrate the Rich snippets code and show your Google stars in a cost-free, natural way. Learn more

Software integration

For super easy integration. If you use software from below it’s even easier to get started!

Shopsoftware integration

Optimised for mobile usage

More than one third of the online shopping community sends reviews via mobile today. That’s why we have made sure your review collection and display processes are fully optimised for mobile usage.

Review profile

Your customer reviews can be seen on your Trusted Shops review profile. Not only is this search engine optimised (SEO), but its responsive design means it looks great on mobiles and tablets too.

Review Profile

Connected review profiles

Show customer feedback from all of your review profiles by linking them together. If you have more than one domain collecting reviews, this is a great way to promote your other websites. Learn more

Review sticker

Customise how you display your review comments, with a rolling screen of reviews in your webshop. Google loves user-generated content and all you need to do is embed the simple JavaScript code and your customers will continually generate content for your website. Learn more

Review API

Do you want to use your reviews in your own customised context? Use our APIs to integrate our data into your processes. Seamless – and effortless. With our review API you get your ranking and reviews in JSON or XML format. Full flexibility.
Download our fresh extension to see your Trusted Shops customer reviews combined with your orders directly from your Magento backend!


Trust sells more. Get the ultimate seal of trust! Click here to find out more. 

Trusted Shops Analytics

Analyse the feedback from your customers and use the information gathered to optimise your site. Compare your overall customer rating with the average rating found for Trusted Shops sellers in your sector or a target market of your choice. Observe how your overall rating changes over time as the number of reviews that you have collected evolves. Analyse what motivates your customers quickly and easily. Trusted Shops Analytics is available to you in your member area. Find out more.

Trusted Shops Analytics

Social media posting

Satisfied customers love to recommend products and online shops to friends and family. Allow them to do this with our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ share buttons.

My Trusted Shops

Manage everything from one place. With your individual My Trusted Shops login you can manage and configure all your reviews, change your shop data and switch between different pricing plans.

Mobile app

Read, comment and manage your reviews while on the go by using our mobile app

Notification of new reviews

Find out as soon as a customer has left a review. We will send you an email alert so you can respond quickly, if need be. Learn more

Comment on reviews

Respond to your reviews publicly when needed. Received a negative review? Showcase how proactive your company is towards problems. Reply with a comment showing how you will deal with the issue in a professional way. You can even do this on the move by using our app. Learn more

Infringement process

Suspect a review is not genuine? We have a dedicated service team to look into this for you. We are AFNOR certified, which means the way we process and manage your reviews is to a very high standard and we ensure you are protected from false comments. Learn more


Benchmark your performance against others. Analyse your number of reviews against your average rating, and then compare this to all other shops. This is analytics for your reviews!


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