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SimplexHealth was founded in 2010 in the UK. SimplexHealth is the exclusive distributor for Watersafe water test kits in Europe, SimplexHealth water testing kits as well as SimplexHealth pH Test Strips worldwide. We also sell a wide range of Body & Urine tests Alkalising products (such as Green Drinks, pH drops & Alkaline Minerals) and Magnetic Therapy products. Our water testing kits have proven popular because they are easy to use, safe and users can be assured of the quality as many of our water test kits and strips have been ETV/EPA performance-verified. We pride ourselves in offering tests that make complex chemistry simple and environmentally friendly.
Glenfield Investments LTD
62 York Road
NN29 7SG Wellingborough
United Kingdom
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Companies House 07226894
Authorised representative
John Pickering