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2 Customer Comments (last 12 months)

6 weeks after payment and 4 weeks after return of boots (2 sizes too big) I have still not received a refund, despite their confirmation that the item was received by them, and despite at least 6 emails politely requesting my refund. I have had to pursue the matter with PayPal.

03-27-2014 Rating result

very quick delivery and loved my new trousers would 100 order from Nelly again

05-10-2013 Rating result

6 Individual Ratings (last 12 months)

The Trusted Shops customer reviews consists of the ratings submitted by the retailer's customers in the following categories: delivery, goods and customer service.

Delivery (2) The delivery process has been evaluated. Did the order arrive on time? Were you informed about the status of the order? Did you find the cost of delivery appropriate? Etc. 4.00 4.00
Goods (2) Compliance, price and condition of the goods delivered were assessed. Was the order delivered in time? Was the price attractive? Etc. 3.00 3.00
Service (2) The customer service of the online shop has been rated. Did the online shop provide quick and qualified information? Have you been satisfied with the way of communication? Etc. 2.50 2.50
Total rating Fair 3.17

100.00% Reliability (last 12 months)

28 of 28 transactions have been rated positively in the last 12 months.This results in a reliability index of 100.00%.

About customer reviews

How is the rating for an online shop calculated?

The customer reviews considers the ratings of the individual criteria (delivery, goods and customer service), which have been submitted by the shop’s customers on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and is recalculated every day.

How to submit a review

Each time you buy something, you have an opportunity to leave a review. You get access to the buyer feedback form either via e-mail or directly on site. After submitting the form, you receive an activation link via e-mail that you need to click to confirm your review.

The rating scale from 1 to 5 stars

The buyer rating indicates the customer satisfaction with the online shop.

  • 5 stars: Excellent
  • 4 stars: Good
  • 3 stars: Fair
  • 2 stars: Poor
  • 1 star: Very Poor

How is the reliability of the online shop evaluated?

All orders for which the online buyer concludes for the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection are entered into the Trusted Shops Guarantee system. Negative ratings entered by the customer via the Trusted Shops Guarantee system lower the online shop's reliability index. If the customer does not make a guarantee claim or submits any negative feedback, this is also included in the Trusted Shops rating.

Who ensures the neutrality and authenticity of customer reviews?

The Trusted Shops buyer rating system is a service of Trusted Shops. Since 1999 Trusted Shops is the leading quality label for online shops in Europe with money-back guarantee for buyers. Trusted Shops is the guarantor of independent and genuine ratings.