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7 months ago
This is a fantastic product standing strong with only the shelf space to be configured according to buyers needs. The semi assembled storage unit made things easy, simple and interesting. My only issue is with the carrier, and the delivery man. Three times they called to find out if my post code was correct. They are inefficient courier using old post office data base. I tried to guide the driver how to get to my address with the van when he called me. They are two main roads to get to my address but one had been blocked by the council and we can only use the other one even as residents in the centre of London. Despite my guidance, he used the barricaded road and had no option but to use trolley to transport the unit over some unnecessary distance to my address. When he arrived I showed him the route he should have used seeing many cars parked on the street.
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9 months ago
I recently ordered Office Depot 100 grm wove paper as the call centre sale staff couldn't find Conqueror despite being given the catalogue code. Thank god I checked it, finding it substandard definitely not 100 grms nor 90 grms more like a cheap photocopy paper. I would suggest this be removed from sale, Trades Description would apply here. I was fortunate to have a competent person to deal with the return he found the Conqueror immediately. I have yet another issue which wasted hours of my time on an order placed in July 27 which I noticed was going to the wrong address ( I just happened to be on the computer) and phoned back 5 minutes later to be told it couldn't be cancelled and would have to be sent out and returned. So I had to raise another order to the correct address, however, the consequence of this was no credit notes issued and three threating letters despite several phone calls about this. On my last call it was done Credit Notes raised ,balance at 00.00 I note that the concerning invoices are still listed on the statement ( 7301916 & 7351049 ) Finally I'm finding it very annoying to access statements and invoices with this ridiculous Corrivo timing out etc. I've never had so many problems with Viking in all the years I've used them as I have in 2020/21 .You will start to lose customers, so train your staff properly to understand the order process, accounts etc., and value your customers. I would also suggest that a review of your programming is needed, it is not user friendly.
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