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Excellent product and service provided by Royale Stones. Gaurav is a knowledgeable person, he not only provided us with a quality product but also gave us lots of ideas, which benefited us in developing a beautiful garden. Based on my experience, I highly recommend this company.

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Indian Sandstone, Granite, Porcelain Paving Slabs

www.royalestones.co.uk was certified by Trusted Shops on 13/03/2014.

Royale Stones offers a beautiful range of Indian Sandstone, Granite, Slate, Limestone and Porcelain paving slabs to suit your landscape design. Not sure which stone would be a perfect fit for your home, no problem just order sample from our website. Buy online with ease as we offer 7 days nationwide delivery. Still any queries, you can always call us on our freephone 08000029421, where our friendly staff will always be happy to help.

14 Moorland Way
LN6 7JW Lincoln, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom
Royale Stones LTD
14 Moorland Way
LN6 7JW Lincoln, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom
Authorized representative
Gaurav Bengani
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