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Photo Album Shop

photo albums, spiral albums & post bound albums

Photo Album Shop was certified by Trusted Shops on 03/06/2009.

photo-album-shop.com offers a great variety of photo albums such as the classical book bound photo albums as well as spiral albums, post bound (screw type) albums, slip-in albums and guest books. At the Photo-Album-Shop you will find all kinds of beautiful, fancy, elegant, extraordinary, trendy and stylish photo albums for those very special occasions in life. In addition to that the shop sells refills for post bound photo albums and accessories for creative paperwork and scrapbooking. All of the albums are premium quality „Made in Germany“.

Heideweg 11
32584 Löhne
Tel: +49-(0)57 32 - 98 17 60
Fax: +49-(0)57 32 - 68 79 49
Photo Album Shop
Heideweg 11
32584 Löhne
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Amtsgericht Bad Oeynhausen HRB 11875
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Jan Rolfsmeyer