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Grutto- Logo - reviews
Grutto- Logo - reviews

Grutto - Grass-fed, sustainable beef from local farmers.

Grutto is on a mission to transform the meat industry - our vision is a healthy, sustainable and waste-free meat sector, providing quality, grass-fed meat direct from the farmer (in contrast to the hormone-pumped factory-farmed mass meat industry that has become so prevalent today.) We believe in: Zero-waste - we only work nose-to-tail so no part of the cow is wasted. This is why our meat-boxes are composed Transparency - all of our meat is 100% traceable, right back to the farm, and to the animal that it came from. Animal Welfare - it’s important to us that the meat we eat comes from animals that have enjoyed a high quality of life and have been slaughtered humanely, without any stress. Transition - we work with farmers to help them be able to uphold sustainable farming practices, so that we can restore fertility to the soil, and biodiversity to the environment. Noble Meat - meat used to be revered and considered a luxury product that was appreciated and enjoyed on special occasions. We believe that meat from our animals deserves this respect. None of our animals are treated with any hormones or preventative antibiotics, and are allowed to grow at the healthy rate that nature intended, resulting in high quality and nutritious meat that is the healthiest and tastiest it can be. "Noble meat, from healthy soil"
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