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Welcome to Happy Meat! Based on extensive United Nations research, we’ve developed the only source of all-natural beef that can reduce the global footprint of beef by up to 76%. We achieve this by sourcing our meat from uniquely reared ‘dual-purpose’ cows that produce both milk and meat. They’re free range, always nourished naturally and never fed on soy or corn associated with deforestation. As well as having zero additives, preservatives or E numbers – unlike almost any other source of beef – you can trace every Happy Meat product to a single, unique British cow. This way, you can eat meat – worry free. Don’t worry, meat happy.
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My first two deliveries first one promised delivery by 12:00 arrived 18:00 after being driven around Glasgow. Second delivery arrived with one minute to spare 11:59. The chipolata sausage. I would prefer beef sausage I would like to be able to substitute chipolata sausage for another product like the wonderfull beefburgers.
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Goods excellent, but a few delivery problems. However, staff were very helpful.
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 Answer by Happy Meat
6 months ago
Hi David, Thanks for taking the time to provide this kind feedback and your patience throughout the delivery issues you experienced. After that instance, we're actually in the process of considering new delivery partners that specialise in delivery fresh foods like ours Have a great day
Confusing at first with price and Voucherbuisness not explained enough and expected delivery time for the goods,packed well,but we are not into Sausages and Beefburgers .The Steak is the Best we have Tasted and would not be keen on more Beefburgers and Sausages,if l order again.
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 Answer by Happy Meat
10 months ago
Hi Jean, Thanks for your constructive feedback — really glad to hear you loved the steaks! In the future, you can customise the minced products in your meat box to have no burgers and sausages and only minced meat if you prefer it! :) We'll be in touch today to better understand where things have gone wrong with the vouchers and what we can improve in this area going forward! Thanks again