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18 Nov 2023
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Only thing would be to maybe give an estimated delivery date at the time of ordering specific items - I ordered over a weekend and so had to wait for the email to tell me when it would be delivered. It was delivered quickly, but it would be better to know more in advance really to make preparation for the delivery. And even though the delivery man delivered to my doorstep (along a pathway), he must have dragged it as the end packaging at both ends was ripped & muddy. Luckily not through to the vinyl so you wrap them very well. But apart from that, I'm very happy with them - 2nd or 3rd time I've used them and will use them again. Great prices, great customer service guys, great products.

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12 Mar 2023
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Initially we ordered our vinyl flooring and everything was fine . We had a confirmation saying they had it in stock , then a couple of days later we had a message saying it was going to be delivered the next day. Within 10 mins after that message we had an email saying they’d not got it in stock , after multiple phone calls and struggling to get in touch Friday I was promised that my product would be here on Saturday and we still have no product, not sure if anyones had this experience we have but the customer service has been shocking .
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5 May 2023
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Good website and prices, just no product yet.

Good website and good prices for the products. The only downside so far is the products I ordered haven't arrived and delivery has been very slow compared to what was stated on the order screen.
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4 Oct 2023
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Still waiting for my order, delivery driver said my shop was closed even though I waiting outside and they didn’t even try!! The picture sent was absolutely nowhere near to where my shop is!!
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