How to collect customer reviews

With Trusted Shops there are various ways in which you can collect reviews. We recommend you combine our products to achieve the best results.

Get started with the review collector

Start collecting your first customer reviews within minutes, without any technical integration. Get in touch with your latest customers by sending them review requests with just a few clicks.

How does it work?

In My Trusted Shops you will find the 'Review collector' tab under the 'Ratings' menu item.

Follow these 3 simple steps to collect a large amount of reviews:

1. First of all, select your shop and upload a CSV or an Excel file with the order data of your customers. All you need is the e-mail-address of your customers and the order-ID. Additionally, you can fill in the first name and surname fields to personalise your message.


2. Select a suitable template. The e-mail templates are designed with Trusted Shops branding and customised with your shop’s logo. Our tests have shown that conversion rates of up to 10 % are possible!

Trusted Shops offers you three different templates so that you can address your customers in the best way suitable for you:

Best Practice is a general template that has achieved the best results in our tests.

Create Trust places a particular focus on the subject of trust and thus giving a more emotive approach.

Customer Service places a particular focus on the service aspect and is very well-suited to shops that merely offer services. 

Collect customer reviews with the review collector
3. Just click on the button to confirm and let us send the e-mails to your customers. It´s as easy as that!

Now, all you need to do is wait for many amazing reviews to appear in your profile!

Automated review collection with the Trustbadge® 

Make your life easy and collect customer reviews continuously.

With the Trustbadge® integrated on your website,  your customer reviews are displayed to every visitor, regardless of where they arrive in your shop. The review card which dynamically appears upon completion of a purchase invites your customers to leave a review, and even offers the ability to review at a later, more convenient time. 

New: Trusted Shops product reviews!

You can now also collect product reviews with the Trustbadge®. This is how it works.

A review button in your own e-mails

Would you like to create your review e-mails yourself and have them match the design of your company’s website? Creating your own review e-mails is more time-consuming than collecting reviews with the Trustbadge® or Review Collector,  but, thanks to the review button, it still is a good option for you. 

First create a Base64 and URL-encoded review link into which you enter your TS ID, the order number and the customer’s e-mail address. Then place the graphic for the click area over it, and the review button is ready for use. Since you have already communicated the order details, all that your customers need to do in the review form is to click on the amount of stars they want to award you and add text.

Find all you need to know about integration here.