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Our Code of Conduct ensures security
when shopping online

of Orders

Ordering Process

The receipt of the order is confirmed by e-mail without delay.

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Naveen Aricatt (LL.B, team accreditation key account and international)
explains why this criterion is important for you.


Identity of the company

In the shop, the name of the company, the address, e-mail address and telephone number are easily detectable and displayed in a clear manner.

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Naveen Aricatt (LL.B, team accreditation key account and international)
explains why this criterion is important for you.

Commercial law specialists continuously develop our Code of Conduct

The Trusted Shops quality criteria are based on national and European laws that are important for making purchases on the Internet. They take into account all rulings and stipulations by the consumer protection associations, in some cases even exceeding them.

Customers of certified Trusted Shops sellers are protected automatically. Infringements against data protection regulations, non-transparent prices, limitations to the right to cancellations or other risks are checked by Trusted Shops.

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Trusted Shops Members commit to our Code of Conduct

The retailer commits to comply with the applicable legal regulations on distance selling, e-commerce and e-privacy law and our European quality standard set out below.

  • General Principles+

    • 1 Transparency
      Retailer’s information, terms and policies must be prominently posted, easily accessible to customers, and written in a clear and comprehensible manner. It must include identity incl. contact details, product characteristics and prices incl. shipment costs, delivery time, payment methods, order process, privacy policy, terms & conditions, and return policy.
    • 2Privacy and Security
      The retailer must disclose his practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information and may process personal data only if processing is necessary for the performance of a contract, or if the user has unambiguously given his consent, or where it is permitted by law. Where advertising is sent via e-mail, the retailer must provide the user with an effective option to unsubscribe from such mailings which must be clearly noticeable.

      The retailer must implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, and against all other unlawful forms of processing. The electronic transfer of payment details must always be carried out via an encrypted connection.
  • Handling of Orders+

    • 3Product and Prices
      The retailer shall provide the consumer with a detailed and accurate description of the products and may not sell prohibited items (see details). Availability, delivery time, product prices and all additional costs shall be stated on the retailer’s product page.
    • 4Ordering Process
      The ordering process must be transparent regarding the technical steps, particularly when a customer places an order and the retailer accepts the order, available payment methods, prices and all additional costs, and main characteristics of the products. The retailer must immediately confirm the receipt of an order by e-mail.
    • 5Delivery
      The retailer may not exceed the scheduled delivery time by more than 3 days in 90% of all transactions and shall immediately inform the customer about possible delays and non-availability. Where applicable, the retailer must ensure an age verification on delivery.
    • 6Return Policy and Refunds
      Online retailer must accept the consumer’s statutory right of withdrawal and refund the purchase price within 14 days. The right must not be restricted by any stipulation that the consumer may not return goods which are no longer in their original packaging or which are used.
    • 7Customer Service and Feedback
      The retailer‘s e-mail address and phone number must be prominently posted to enable the customer to make enquiries easily and must always respond within five working days. The retailer must implement the Trustbadge to enable customers to give their feedback.

Members showing our Trustmark offer a Guarantee and meet Peformance Standards 

Retailers are eligible to display the Trusted Shops trustmark if they (a.) offer the Trusted Shops Guarantee and (b.) meet the Performance standards.

a. Trusted Shops Guarantee

Every shop awarded the Trusted Shops Trustmark offers the reliable Buyer Protection. So that you can make and pay for orders with confidence, you are protected against the loss of your purchase price payment in the event of non-delivery or after returning the goods – regardless of the method of payment.
Learn more about the Trusted Shops Guarantee

b. Performance standards

Trusted Shops measures the following performance indices if at least 20 transactions were covered by the Trusted Shops Guarantee (hereinafter „Transactions“):

i. Reliability index

The Reliability of the retailer is measured by asking the customer for a positive, negative or neutral rating of the transaction. These ratings in the ratio to the total number of Transactions of the last 12 months result in the Reliability index. The Reliability index of the trader may not go below 95%.

ii. Refund index

The ratio of the number of refund applications to the total number of Transactions of the last 12 months result in the Refund index. The Refund index of the retailer may not go above 1%.

iii. Response index

The ratio of the number of transactions whereby the retailer did not respond to Trusted Shops‘ request within 5 working days to the total number of Transactions of the last 12 months result in the Response index. The Response index of the retailer may not go above 1%.

iv. Complaint index

The ratio of the number of complaints that were not amicably resolved by the retailer and their customers within 30 days to the total number of complaints of the last 12 months result in the Complaint index. The Complaint index of the retailer may not go above 1%.

Trustmark: how you can verify authenticity